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What Our Humans Say


Here are some of the comments we’ve received from people who are very pleased and relieved that our Music Mutz Collar and custom-arranged music are helping their beloved pups live happier lives.


 Samantha used to bark like crazy and get really upset when guests moved around our house. Or when we went to the vet. Or during thunderstorms. I wish I had cameras around my house to show what an amazing difference the Music Mutz Collar makes. Whether guests, thunder, the vet or other things that upset her, Samantha is so much calmer and happier, parading around the house wagging her tail, more relaxed and happier overall when she’s wearing your collar. Thank you! 




The Music Mutz Collar is absolutely incredible. Two of my labs Kieley and Walter are so frightened as thunderstorms approach and while passing by. It was so sad for me to watch them and not be able to truly and completely soothe them. Kieley actually nearly scratched her way right through my front door recently, trying to get away from the noise, not understanding it would be worse outside. I used to use a combination of Thundershirts and drugs (one drug in particular, while effective, made them unable to move). Once I discovered the Music Mutz collar, I introduced it as a third level of protection. Over time, I omitted the medication, then the Thundershirt. I am so relieved that I no longer have to give my pups strong medication to soothe them during storms and that they can be comforted by your collars even when I’m not home.  

— Judy 



 Gracie sometimes seems anxious or agitated for no apparent reason. She’ll pace or her ears will turn back as though she hears something outside. Your musical collar works like a charm every time. She’ll go straight to her bed and lie down. It also puts her into a deeper sleep than normal, which is pretty amazing. I can leave the room and she is sleeping so soundly, she doesn’t jump up to follow me. She is off in another world…so relaxed! We find the music calming, too!  



 Buddy isn’t bothered by anything except thunderstorms. Your collar really helped him get through the past few storms beautifully. I used to dread incoming storms. Now that Buddy is fine with them, so am I !  

— Sue



 Emma often went bonkers riding in the car. I tried the collar before leaving for a long car ride. It was a miracle! Emma was unbelievably calm the entire trip. Before we even got in the car for the ride home, I put the collar on again and she settled in right away…for the first couple of hours. She started trembling again and I realized I had forgotten to recharge the battery. I pulled over to plug the charger into the USB in my car. Within a half hour, it was charged enough to keep Emma calm until we got home. Now, I never leave without making sure the battery is fully charged!  

— Katie 

 I really love this product. Peek-a-Poo became less anxious and more relaxed the more the device was used. It offers me a more relaxing way of dealing with her stress by not overwhelming my pet or using drugs. She relaxes beautifully with the music and sounds and the collar is so soft and comfortable. It is a great mode of relaxation therapy.  

— Lizette 

 Bella is a wonderful, happy dog…except when she hears loud noises, especially fireworks or truck brakes squeaking. She barks, paces, cowers and trembles. It was so painful to watch. The music in your collar is so relaxing for her and every sound is so clear. It is unbelievable that such amazing sound can come out of such tiny speakers. Thank you so much!  

— Vickie 

 Indie was skittish when we’d go for walks and she’d pass by cardboard boxes along the curb waiting for recycling to pick them up or Mylar balloons. She would stop dead about ten feet before them and I’d have to walk her into the street to get around them. I couldn’t believe the difference after using the Music Mutz collar. Indie just walks past them as though they aren’t there!  

— Kim 

 Baby is a high energy dog who is extremely smart. I feel the wheels are always turning in her head, which leads to her anxiety. The collar gave her the stimulation she needs mentally while relaxing her at the same time. She used to chew things up, pace or bark at me continuously if I wasn’t paying attention to her. Now, she just relaxes and enjoys your beautiful music. Baby and I thank you!  

— Jackie 




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